Having trouble unzipping kaggle dataset

Hey guys, I am currently trying to unzip the kaggle dataset that I downloaded., I tried running the following command:

7za -bd -y -so x {path}/train-jpg.tar.7z | tar xf - -C {path.as_posix()}

But it kept giving me the same error: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(’
I do not know why. I have already downloaded the dataset.

EDIT: When I try to run it in the notebook, it says:

File "<ipython-input-7-a4b27e5e90de>", line 1 7za -bd -y -so x {path}/train-jpg.tar.7z | tar xf - -C {path.as_posix()} ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax
The caret points to 7za.

This occurs even after successfully running conda install --yes --prefix {sys.prefix} -c haasad eidl7zip

The only ‘(’ I see is the one in | tar xf - -C {path.as_posix()}
What are the contents of path variable (the type and the value)?

try some tools like floyshub or clouderizer.com. it will help you to get rid from these trivial problems

Value: PosixPath(’/home/jupyter/.fastai/data/planet’)
It is a path object too.

isnt clouderizer just another cloud service? IO am already paying for Google’s platform, why would I use Clouderizer?

Also, please read the edit.

As far as I remember this should work 7za -bd -y -so x {path}/train-jpg.tar.7z | tar xf - -C {path}

no it’s not cloud service platform it’s an AI enabler platform. It’s free for clouds like Colab or Kaggle. I respect your opinion of paying to google why we need to pay for any tool. Now think your daily 30 mints effort just sorting these trivial issue then you can feel the cost is justified. I had same feeling but after start using tools I saved a lot of time and effort which enhanced my modals output and results.

Hey man, it worked! How did you know that it was the correct command?