Have you had issues verifying your phone with Kaggle?

Hi all!

Jerad here from Kaggle. I’m the tech lead for the Community Eng team, the team supporting phone verifications.

We’ve heard that a number of you are experiencing issues having your phone verified. I believe this is mostly in the form of just never receiving the verification code after you request it.

This is certainly a pain point that we’d like to remedy – obviously it’s hard to do much at Kaggle without verifying your phone! So I thought I’d reach out directly to you folks to see if we can gather more info and identify what could be happening.

For the folks that are ok with sharing, I’d love to hear more details if you have tried and aren’t able to get a verification code.

Specifically, any of the following would be helpful:

  • The issue you’re experiencing (e.g. not receiving code, code not working, etc.)
  • The domain suffix (e.g. “.edu”) of your email address
  • The country code of the phone number you’re entering (e.g. “+1” for US)
  • Any other (non-sensitive) info that you think may be relevant

Also, if there are folks that don’t have issues but share some common data points as the folks that post here with issues, that would help isolate the issue as well.

Hopefully once we have more details, we can identify some patterns of where the issues are.

Thanks for your patience, and for helping us resolve this!



It’s definitely a pain point, and I can understand the frustration. I’m glad that the tech lead for the Community Eng team is reaching out to hear your stories and experiences. I hope you’ll all take the time to provide the details requested by the tech lead. It would be really helpful if we could identify any patterns of where the issues are coming from. If you’re concerned about privacy and not wanting your personal phone number to be shared, I recommend using a united states temporary phone number for verification purposes. This will help keep your private data confidential and avoid spamming your personal number.