Has anyone integrated EfficientDet with v2?

working on setting up obj detection for EfficientDet (latest detector from google, source released 3 days ago).
It has 3 heads (regressor, etc) so trying to figure out how to tie in these to FastAI - will post if I get it done today but please post if you’ve already done this?
I’m looking @muellerzr obj detection as guide from retinanet but there are some diffs.


Got it running with pure pytorch as that was faster. Accuracy is impressive.
Will try to get it into fastai tomorrow


Hi LessW2020, how is it going? Can you share the notebook when you finish?

Hi @LinHan - I am now working with EfficientDet in TF as they released their official code last week (and I have to be able to deploy to mobile) but yes I’ll post out a notebook once I get it working in FastAI.


Hi @LessW2020 ,

Do you have any updates?

Thank you,

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Hi @ttsantos and all,
I switched to the DETR architecture which dispenses with the past 5 years of obj detection architecture and replaces it with a transformer.
For my work at least it blows everything else away bc detr understands relationships and global context…
Im trying to make a colab now so people can more easily train DETR for their own datasets but may be another week or two.its on my github if anyone is interested. https://github.com/lessw2020/training-detr
Im working with DETR full time though as using it for work production system.
Heres the link to their paper
I may have to use effdet for tflite mobile but for server detr is the new accuracy standard for my data.