Harebrain Contributor Group?

(Molly Beavers) #1

Was wondering if anyone learning or attempting to contribute would be interested in a weekly online video meeting? The idea would be specifically to “unstick” each other, and we could make use of screen sharing. Also we could present knowledge we have managed to learn throughout the week.

Due to the nature of the group I think limiting it to 1 hour a week (or every two weeks) would be ideal. Would anyone be interested in this type of online group?


(dinesh) #2

Hii, I am interested. But, I am new to software development. Would like to learn from the community.


(Pedro Cuenca) #3

Hi Molly! I could be interested, although my availability for regular meetings is limited right now. Do you have any specific projects / tasks / areas of improvement in mind?


(Molly Beavers) #4

My reason for it was to have something like a software development team. Even if everyone is working on their separate task, we would all eventually become experts in a specific part of the work we are doing. We can then share that knowledge as we continue to develop, and ask questions to the group as needed.

The meeting would be to help facilitate this sharing of knowledge.