[Hardware] AMD GPU support

AMD Radeon 7 GPU has 16 GB memory and is priced and performs (in games) at Nvidia RTX 2080 (8GB memory) level.
Anyone has it set up for Deep Learning, ideally fastai/Pytorch and wiling to share how to do it and how it performs? Thanks!

Have you tried to google it ?? BTW look at :wink:

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Thank you fabris. Very interesting blog post. Yeah I found some material online including rockm GitHub that you can set it up. But I’m a bit sceptical cos if indeed these GPUs worked well with Keras and Pytorch then why would you buy Nvidia as with AMD you get more for the same money. Even AMD is not advertising this fact, only quiet GitHub repo. That’s why my question here at forum if anyone run latest version of fastai with it and how it performed?

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I was wondering the same. I suppose AMD only tried to test the market. RadeonVII is very expensive to produce.
Anyway we know that with keras/tf it is fully supported.
Me either have been scared to invest to test it.
Hope someone did it already…

Maybe this works for you too, it seems to work for my AMD GPU… see here:

The check described below only confirmed the installation of ROCm, so far I can only run Jupyter notebooks with my CPU, so it seems that my AMD RX 570 8GB wont accelerate calculations with fast ai. OS: Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3.

Hello all,
tried it in Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 with AMD RX 570 8GB. The video card install test of ROCm was sucessfull, meaning


ran sucessfully. However, I did not get around to run Jupyter notebooks or any fast.ai with it yet, so I’m currently still learning the ropes in Google colab…