Group49 - SF

Starting the topic for Group 49 to share issues/tips/etc.

Let’s introduce ourselves!

My quick background:
-Georgia Tech Bachelors in ME (1998)
-Stanford Masters & PhD in ME (2000, 2004)
I focused on robotics, neuroscience, & some machine learning.
For my career, I’ve worked on consumer products, solar, and (of course) robotics!
Currently I’m doing (a little) machine learning consulting and looking for the right long-term ML/robotics role.

On the fun side, I like car racing (autocross) and saltwater aquariums (and using to tell my fish apart).

Thanks Sean for starting this!

Berkeley Physics Undergrad (2007)
Riverside Physics PhD in Particle Physics, spent a year at CERN (2013)

Currently a Data Scientist in cybersecurity at Proofpoint. Excited to learn about cutting edge deep-learning tools!

Great idea! My background is originally in public health, where I worked in research on infectious diseases surveillance for a number of years, before changing careers into analytics and data science. I currently work in product analytics at Pinterest.

Outside of work, one of my favorite activities is baking-- this past week, I used what we’ve learned so far to build a classifier that identifies different types of pastries :croissant:

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