Great Pandas (Python DataFrames) cheat sheet

Great summary of Pandas Tips and Code Snippets

Has a search functionality, organized by task, such as “filtering”, or “add new columns”

Numpy Cheat Sheet

Anaconda Cheat Sheet
Contains command line items such as

conda update conda 
conda env list

The full Pandas documentation, has more explanations and examples:

Recommended Topics:

  • Essential Basic Functionality
  • Working with Text Data
  • MultiIndex / Advanced Indexing
  • Computational tools
  • Working with missing data
  • Group By: split-apply-combine
  • Merge, join, and concatenate
  • Reshaping and Pivot Tables
  • Categorical Data

Is this the cheat sheet repository?
here’s anaconda cheat sheet . I always googling for something how to delete and env or change the python version.

Hopefully this will save some people some time!