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It’s a milestone moment for us as we unveil PicKey – our innovative Visual Password Manager. Harnessing the power of Computer Vision and 3D characters, we’ve developed Master Passwords that are not only visually memorable but also surpass the market’s current security standards.

We are extremely thankful to @jeremy and the Fast.AI community which were instrumental in training PicKey’s vision models. The 2018 Part 2 course led to PicKey’s inception.

About me :

  • I am a fastai student from the first course (online), and every course thereafter.
  • was developed alongside fastai-v2, during Part 2 of 2018
  • I am a cybersecurity architect, but have failed miserably to get my family/friends to use password managers
  • One of the main reason for low adoption of password managers, is that people forget their master passwords too.
  • With PicKey, we aim to make it easier with gamified, visual master passwords while making them stronger than anything else available today.

Please feel free to check out or our Blog for a quick overview. Will be thrilled to discuss anything around PicKey … or otherwise :).

Once again, a big thank you to @jeremy and the entire fastai community.
-Gaurav Upadhyay (Gary)