Grassland Weed detector

Hi Kamal!

replied to your PM- in summary it is great you are enthusiastic about this! I have sent a few thoughts about robot building. One extra thought is maybe you want to add a few comments to your post about your current skills/experience so that people can make better suggestions?

For everyone else- I ran out of steam with my project but I’m still interested and hope to resume at some point :slight_smile: If anyone made any progress I’d be excited to hear about it!


Hi everyone, to update on my journey so far.

I have initially created a web app that classifies the disease infected by a crop by simply uploading a picture of it and then fastai classifies it. Then I wanted to improve on it and now working on building a Real time weed detection robot that destroys weeds founds. From research on the algorithms, I found that YOLOv8 & detectron2 are the best for Real time object detection and that’s what I’m gonna use.

And btw, does anyone have any updates about IceVision by @farid which was an Object detection algorithm built on fastai & PyTorch. I believe it is down & currently not being maintained.

In the next few weeks, I should have a working detection model and I will share that on here.

And for anyone who has done work using detectron2, how is it’s accuracy? and how much time does it take to do inference? I would like your view point on it.