Graphical Recommender system

Hi! I’m making a prescription recommender system for doctors. Objectives: P(observation(symptoms) | disease(x), patient(p)) in real time, suggesting prescribing drugs on a speciality basis and much more as we keep on adding.
The implementations on the internet I’ve found are naïve and can’t really be useful to doctors. Therefore, building one from graphs and GNNs. The project is underway and looking for collaborators, hit me up if too find this interesting.


That is a massive project. You have to be able to read the entire medical codecs and link that with the correct Loinc codes (for observations) and ICD codes (for symptoms) and from there link to a prescription , treatment (surgery or others…)… I hope you have a big team to help you.

I find this interesting. Could you be sharing your progress as you go along? I would really want to see how this turn out

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I’ll share updates

not much. the data seems to be problem here and medical corpora is too large to do any mapping. I’m trying new ways, nothing with DL yet

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hi, @metamyth I am bit booked with project at the moment, however if you need help with graph databases, let me know I am working with neo4j for over 3 years now (and I highly recommend neo4j GDS for a check out) (I am not affiliated with the company)