Gradient is forcing me to pay?

So have others been getting this?

When I need to start the notebook there are NO “Free-GPUs” (Screen shot 1)

When I however start a new notebook there are “Free-GPUs” (Screen shot 2 taken within 15s)

What am I missing? Does gradient want me to pay a subscription fee?

It just means you need to be patient and keep trying as all the free tiers are being used. If you get an account your chances will be better, but it means shelling out $8/month for that benefit.
I had to wait about 15 min before getting a free one, until I signed up for a regular account. Now its more like 2 min.

I am talking about a particular discrepancy that is forcing me to start new notebooks to access P5000 and Free-GPU. This has nothing to do with patience I am afraid. I have posted screenshots. Paperspace team themselves have reproduced this error and are setting their team to help me out.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am really considering going 8$.

I use Colab free, I don’t wait at all and I’ve never not been able to get a GPU.

Food for thought.

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what about some of the code not working in colab such as widgets etc… ? Are there any other pitfalls? such as installation etc…?

installation isn’t an issue as such, i believe it’s fastai 2 installed on colab and i think the dependencies are all correct too. if they’re not then you really only need to figure that out once and cut & paste any necessary !pip commands to the top of each notebook.

having not yet gone through the 2020 course, i’m not 100% which widgets don’t work on colab…i believe it’s mainly the image classifier cleaner which moves around incorrectly labeled images once you start training. if that’s the only issue then frankly the workaround for me would be make sure your data is cleaner before you start.

also i’m not sure why those fastai widgets don’t work in colab since jupyter widgets themselves do work fine. when i get around to doing the 2020 course i’ll be submitting PRs for everything i can fix to work in colab, but real life is kicking my backside right now and i’ve no idea when that’s likely to be.