Gradient descent and off-kilter annealing

As a lifelong advocate of “best fit” workmanship when it comes to finding what’s there by looking where it’s not (all Schrodinger’s Cat jokes aside), I’d like to focus at least part of my initial enthusiasm to this project by helping improve automation of the learning curve by zeroing in on the best rate of change rather than eyeballing so many guestimations. Any Calculus majors in the house?

I also want to mention that the last concert I went to was to see my former UW professor Richard Karpen of computer music prestige perform an EEG and EMG piano piece along with other brain–computer interfacing research, the finale being listening to a performer fall asleep on stage as their brainwaves relax and fade into the soundscape.

Did I mention NASA was able to tell what words we think subvocally to ourselves years back in 2004, long before that new gadget recently hit the market?! Deciphering and translating the nerve impulses traveling to the vocal apparatus combined with conductive hearing helps provide our military with silent communication during critical operations.