Gradient Accumulation

does anyone know how to implement this on fastai?

for i, (inputs, labels) in enumerate(training_set):
    predictions = model(inputs)                     # Forward pass
    loss = loss_function(predictions, labels)       # Compute loss function
    loss = loss / accumulation_steps                # Normalize our loss (if averaged)
    loss.backward()                                 # Backward pass
    if (i+1) % accumulation_steps == 0:             # Wait for several backward steps
        optimizer.step()                            # Now we can do an optimizer step
        model.zero_grad()                           # Reset gradients tensors
        if (i+1) % evaluation_steps == 0:           # Evaluate the model when we...

Can use this for fastaiv2

@khursani8, thanks but The project I doing uses fastai 1 and I have tried to upgrade but it has problems… do you know how to do it on version 1?


you can use this example code

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I found a solution, thanks to lafoss,