GPU instances cost 5x less than AWS!

Hello everyone i was on hackernews and i found this link, maybe you can try this and see if it worth your time.
As a broke college student who is currently studying deep learning and AI, my side projects often require lots of GPUs to train neural networks. Unfortunately the cloud GPU instances from AWS and Google Cloud are really expensive (plus my student credits ran out in like 3 days), so the roadblock in a lot of my side projects was my limited access to GPU compute.

Luckily for me, I had a friend who was mining Ethereum on his Nvidia 1080 ti’s. I would Venmo him double what he was making by mining Ethereum, and in return he would let me train my neural networks on his computer at significantly less than what I would have had to pay AWS.

So I thought to myself, “hmm, what if there was an easy way for cryptocurrency miners to rent out their GPUs to AI researchers? …”


In case anybody was looking for the direct link. They don’t have any machines available at the moment. Guess they’ll update the website once they do. Seems like a good idea and has generated a lot of interest among the GPU miners community.


Really a Nice Idea…:yum: @devcheikh
Definitely Gonna Try

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Any vectordash reviews, please?

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Hey guys, I’m the student who’s working on Vectordash! All of the GPUs are currently in use at the moment, but a couple hundred more should be added in the next few days (mostly 1080 ti’s and 1060 6GBs) for any and all of your deepest deep learning needs! I’ve been busy with finals recently, but they’re over now so I should be able to spend more time working on Vectordash.

Would it be helpful if I setup a image for you guys? Any feedback once more GPUs are ready would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

P.S I’m pretty sure Vectordash is the world’s cheapest cloud GPU provider at the moment, which is exactly what I want - everyone should be able to train their deep learning models on fast GPUs!


A fastai image would certainly be appreciated!


Already on it! ETA is ~2 days…


We just added more GPUs to Vectordash starting at just $0.25 an hour! (this is half as much as Paperspace’s cheapest instance!)

Also, the image is now live! Once you start an instance, you can also start a remote Jupyter notebook with just one command: vectordash jupyter 1

Let me know if you guys have any feedback or recommendations!

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Hey, I had the same problem, I’m a broke student and need to save as much as possible on GPU instance, I stumbled upon, GPU private servers they rent out worked just fine and cost me roughly 6 times as less as AWS.