Google Image scraper

Ever found it hard to make datasets for deep learning image/ computer vision projects?
Well worry no more, I wrote this convenient script to automatically scrape images from google for each class of image you might want. Check it out on my GitHub and let me know how you like it.


Very interesting. I used to rely on this library:

1 Like by @joedockrill works well too out of the box too.
Scrapes images from DuckDuckGo

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Selenium scrapers won’t work on Colab/paperspace etc unfortunately (which a lot of us use).

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You could run script locally and upload dataset, maybe to kaggle or colab.

I’ve tried @akashgshastri solution and it works very well on colab.

Since @akashgshastri’s solution didn’t work for me on Colab, and @iskode was a little brief on the details,…

Here’s a link to my working Colab notebook with my modified version of Akash’s notebook, that uses selenium (@joedockrill) via a very nice package called “kora”!

I am facing the same problem. Please keep sharing this type of post ahead. Looking for the same issue.
Thanks in advance,

official site

I found your solution on Google search. Thanks for sharing. I also tried a web service for it and it works quite good.