Google Collab - how to upload to notebook from local PC or to download directly to notebooky out data

Hi, I just started first video and I was curious, since teacher said that we should try out besides cats & dogs some our own dataset for classification, how could I download to Google Collab notebook directly images from web or upload from my local PC some images I found? Is there any short tutorial on google collab?

For downloading from web, you can use curl or wget


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This is a guide by collab for handling io -

For kaggle datasets -

Hope this helps.


::::To Download ::::
! wget link-to-file

::::To Upload ::::
from google.colab import files

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You will need to mount a drive before importing files in your google colab

from google.colab import drive
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Hi, I went through the lesson 1 and used my own data set by importing images into the google drive. I am curious to know if is there a way to upload and use the images directly from the local machine? (without importing the images anywhere- this is needed due to some security reasons). Thanks in advance!