Google Colab, Shift+TAB not working

Hi friends,
using Google Colab here,
the Shift+TAB to get tips about the functions etc doesnt seem to be working in Colab, any tips?
thank u :wink:

just use TAB

that works with python functions, but when I use it with functions nothing happens,
I don’t see how to get help about functions

and there are even some functions like

which return error when using ?

Object random_split_by_pct not found.

ok in that case I needed to do

and then it works

but basically using

?.. in a separate cell is the only way I find,
the TAB never works for me with functions, only for autocompleting, not for help

Hi everyone. Running into this issue as well on Google colab. Hitting tab gives me an error which says:

Any idea how I could do this in colab? Thanks!

I have the same problem. Shift+Tab at Colab, doesnt work

The shortcut for showing the docstring on Colab is ALT+/

However it seems there’s a bug. Sometimes it is going to print the question mark instead. If that happens you’ll have to change the cursor somewhere else and then try again.


uncheck “Automatically trigger code completions”

i gif’ed it for you:


I’ve managed to trigger it by typing a comma inside the parenthesis :

This is what helped me ctrl + shift + spacebar do it with only one bracket.