Google Colab: pip install fastbook produces dependency error with tornado v6.1

Trying to work through the fastai course with Google Colab, but I am getting a dependency error in the first section of the Intro notebook, where I am installing the fastbook library with pip as follows:

!pip install -Uqq fastbook
import fastbook

Running the above pip is producing the following errors:

ERROR: pip's dependency resolver does not currently take into account all the packages that are installed. This behaviour is the source of the following dependency conflicts.
google-colab 1.0.0 requires tornado~=5.1.0; python_version >= "3.0", but you have tornado 6.1 which is incompatible.
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-1-2b820b2b946f> in <module>()
      1 #hide
      2 get_ipython().system('pip install -Uqq fastbook')
----> 3 import fastbook
      4 fastbook.setup_book()

10 frames
/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/tornado/ in BaseIOStream()
    284         self._closed = False
--> 286     def fileno(self) -> Union[int, ioloop._Selectable]:
    287         """Returns the file descriptor for this stream."""
    288         raise NotImplementedError()

AttributeError: module 'tornado.ioloop' has no attribute '_Selectable'

I am unable to proceed with any of the subsequent code in the notebook because of this initial installation error.

Any idea how to resolve this?


Never mind, was able to resolve this by restarting the runtime, and then executing the pip install again.

To be clear, these are the steps I took to fix:

  1. Run !pip install -Uqq fastbook
  2. Colab reports the ā€œtornado 6.1 incompatibleā€ error
  3. Then restart the runtime (without using factory reset)
  4. Run !pip install -Uqq fastbook again
  5. Problem is fixed and can continue working through the chapter

This seems to be hitting everyone. Iā€™ve seen it from four different people already, and it happens every time we use a notebook. Iā€™m not sure why it is occurring or why restarting the run time is now necessary every day when we log on.

Hoping for a real fix in the near future.

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I have the same issue. Worked after restarting runtime though. (as you have mentioned)

I installed an earlier version of fastbook and it works
pip install fastbook==0.0.17

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From command line you could restart the runtime with the following snippet:

import os
os.kill(os.getpid(), 9)
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With the help the above answers and SO, this worked for me:

!pip install fastbook==0.0.17

!pip uninstall tornado -y

!yes | pip install tornado==5.1.0

import fastbook

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Thanks! It worked. Was this chunk of code just setting up the textbook?