Google Cloud config issue : Jupyter loads wrong Python kernel

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble getting the 2019 course to work on Google Cloud. It seems that the Jupyter notrebook loads the wrong Python kernel.

  • I’ve followed these steps to set u GCP :
  • The fastai module doesn’t seem to be recognised from within the jupyter notebook (“no module named fastai”) because it loads the wrong python kernel.
  • The fastai install seems to be linked to Python 3.7.3, in which fastai works from the jupyter terminal, but jupyter loads Python 3.5.3 and thus can’t find any of the installed libraries

I’ve tried the following:

Any suggestions would be more than welcome, I’m really stuck on this one :confused:


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I’ve solved this issue by installing a new jupyter kernel based on the active environment using

python -m ipykernel install --user --name myenv --display-name "Python (myenv)"

For more information on installing new kernels, see:

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