Google App Engine Unexpectedly Costly

So, I set up my server with GCP following the given instructions. For some reason or another I haven’t qualified for the GPU quota change (my account is fairly new), so I can’t use $300 credit unfortunately.

Still, the reported costs according to the details wasn’t much, so I’ve been using it for a couple weeks.

Still, after only a few hours of use, I’ve almost racked up $10 - not horrible, but still a lot more than expected and could be a problem if I’m going to continue to use it. Looking at the Billing page it looks like I’m being charged 0.34 cents even on days I haven’t used it at all. I’ve been careful to turn it off when not in use, and the logs that I can access seem to confirm that it hasn’t been left on at all.

Anyone have any idea what could be happening?

No insights?

From Server Setup GCP


In both cases, by getting the suggested 200GB Standard Disk storage size (less storage hampers experience), there will be an additional charge of $9.60 a month .

That would amount to about 34c per day…

Ah! That would entirely explain it. You’re much more helpful than GCP support. Much appreciated.