Global Pytorch Summer Hackathon 2020 is on!

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Just saw this in my twitter feed: The Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon is back!

The Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon is back!
This year, teams can compete in 3 categories:

  1. Developer Tools
  2. Web/Mobile applications
  3. Responsible AI Development Tools

Read more at:


Here’s the categories page – it specifically mentions submissions using fastai are welcome!

Here’s the rules page - global teams possible!
(unfortunately excluding Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Argentina, and Brazil :anguished:)

Anybody interested in forming a fastai team to join?

Based on the previous discussion here about fastai support for TPUs using Pytorch-XLA - maybe that’s a good candidate project to work on?

If anybody’s interested, please ping me, I’d love to form a team!

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