Github CI Doesn't Install Torch

I’m getting failed builds during CI with the error No module named 'torch'. For my settings.ini file, I followed the repo and made different pip/Conda requirements for installing Pytorch.

These are the requirements currently set

requirements = pandas numpy matplotlib scipy fastprogress scikit-learn networkx
conda_requirements = pytorch>=1.7.0
pip_requirements = torch>=1.7.0
dev_requirements = nbdev

Have I configured things incorrectly?

I should add the other requirements in the requirements section install fine during the build process and I can see confirmation in the printout

You need to actually modify your file to install those bits for you, by default it only looks in requirements. You can look at fastai’s file for inspriation

Thanks, that fixed it


Sorry, I have been having the same problem. None of the conda_requirements within my settings.ini file are being installed by GitHub Cl. I have had a look at fastai’s but it does not mention conda anywhere. Could you possibly provide any further suggestions as to how you resolved your issue? Thanks for your help!