Github Actions fail with basic repo created using 'nbdev_new'

trying my hands at the nbdev version 2 following the tutorial at nbdev - End-To-End Walkthrough. github actions fail with repo created from nbdev_new and no changes are done to the repo. please suggest a fix.

link to the repo: GitHub - NaveenDeepak/nbdev_windows_test1: testing nbdev version 2 on windows

system information:
Windows 11
Anaconda distribution, with nbdev installed using navigator gui.
python version: 3.9.12
nbdev version: 2.2.10

Can you try to run nbdev_export?

If you go to the actions page, you can see what the error is for the failure. This is a good place to go to start debugging and if you click into it you can see actual logs as well for the CI. In this case it shows “Notebooks and library are not in sync. Please run nbdev_export.” under Annotations.

nbdev isn’t supported under windows.

And Mac Monterrey ?

I did try ‘nbdev_export’, didn’t resolve the issue.

@naveen_deepak I’ve tried my hand at the same tutorial on windows and I’ve not met any significant issue. I’ve written a blog post on this. I may have met the same issue as what you report, which may or may not be due to a usage on Windows, but this is easily recoverable.

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