Git Clone - got old course files

Hey! I used git clone in shell (git clone and the files loaded successfully and are available in my Jupyter Notebook. However, the files seem to be from a previous version of the course as they don’t match the file names for v3.

Any idea why this happened and how I can get the current files?

Thanks for the help!

  • Ian

Yes, the current relevant library (for the time being) is located at and the course repo is . This should be fixed soon, Jeremy is working towards the official release of fastaiv2 (which replaces the old fastai)

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Thanks for the help!
Unfortunately currently directs users to go to and paste that url when cloning.
Hopefully that will get updated!
Thanks again,

  • Ian

Yes. Everything is setup for v1 right now, the course has not been released to the public yet. It will be in coordination with the release of v2. Only the book (for those with ebooks or got lucky with their preorders).

So for right now (until you notice a swarm of course-v4 posts), pip install fastai2 to get the library. There is no course website up yet either (as it’s not been released yet)

Is it still possible to complete course v3, or at least part of it?

Yes. The current fastai library is setup for that and the lectures are released.