Gilbert Strang on Deep Learning


I didn’t know that this existed, but did not find it from the forum by search.

I stumbled upon it while searching about positive definite matrices. But this really seems to be a full course by THE Gilbert Strang.

Explaining Deep Learning, starting from Linear Algebra, then splitting into Probability and Statistics; Optimization, and then finally bringing it all together in Deep Learning.

Check out the intro video:

I have previously followed Gilbert Strang’s opencourseware and can not more recommend this guy. I believe it’s the perfect companion for Jeremy Howard’s and Andrew Ng’s just so beautiful deep learning courses.

Happy learning!

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Thanks Aki :slight_smile: Great to know this exists :slight_smile: I watched Gilbert Strang’s calculus and linear algebra lectures. Amazing :slight_smile:

Thx again for the heads up.


Thanks for sharing. Few educators make these topics so understandable. Dr. Strang is one of the best :slight_smile:


I concur, it is a joy to learn from Gilbert Strang. I’ve watched the first 8 lectures of this course now and absolutely love them. I often use the TouchTheVideo app to mark important sections to review and for one particular lecture I couldn’t find a single point that didn’t seem essential.

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Gilbert Strang has released Indian editions of two of his popular mathematics books, in India.
Details are at

Prof. Strang’s latest video lectures : A 2020 Vision of Linear Algebra, Spring 2020