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I have been trying to use fastai for the latest image segmentation competition on kaggle (UW-Madison GI Tract Image Segmentation | Kaggle). I tried to implement unet in fastai using unet learner but the problem is that dice metric stays constant at every epoch , i.e it is basically predicting every pixel to be 0 instead 0f [0,1,2,3]. The notebook can be viewed here - gi-tract/fastai_unet.ipynb at main · msadiva/gi-tract · GitHub .

I think it is about your learning rate.
I think the right way should be:
max_lr = 5e-3
lrs = slice(max_lr /100 max_lr /10)

  1. you might need to unfreeze it.
  2. You use max_lr not the sliced one. Maybe this works.
    learn.fit_flat_cos(10, lrs)

I have tried different lrs but result is always the same, DiceMulti remains constant at every epoch

I remember having this problem with the Dice metric sometime ago too. I can’t seem to find my colab notebook that I was experimenting with, but if I can remember correctly, the axis parameter helped me fix constant Dice metrics (When initializing the metric)

I’ll post an update when I find the Colab Notebook, but in the meantime you can try and see if that solves it for you.

I was going through your notebook and I noticed you passed in metrics like this metrics=DiceMulti
try metrics=DiceMulti()

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