Getting notifications of 'end of training' on your mobile phone


There’s a discussion on KaggleNoobs (a Slack channel dedicated to hardware/software issues with Kaggle competitions, but no sharing of solutions until competitions end) where people share ways to get notified on their mobile phone once model training is done.

Note 1: You may need an account to see the details but it’s very fast and free to do.

Note 2: The KN Slack channel is using the free version of Slack so there’s a max of 10K messages allowed in History, thus this link may die after a month or so.


Can you request for an invitation to this channel?

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Here’s the invitation link…(Google search)

You could also quickly cook up your custom solution using Pushover ( ) They’ve pretty good mobile apps, and all you need to do is make an HTTP request (via curl, python etc.)

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Pushover is indeed mentioned as a quick and easy solution :+1: