Getting new laptop for deep learning - How much can a SSD help me? 2x? 10x?

(Aseem Bansal) #1

From India. I am getting a new laptop for deep learning. I will also be using it for gaming si will be using Windows 10. I am considering this one which is bit costly for me but I guess I will recover the cost saving AWS costs over time.

I saw that in Lesson 8 it is said that having a SSD can help a lot. I have an option to get a better one that has a SSD. But before making it even costlier just wanted to understand if I get one with SSD how will it run computations run on SSD with data being stored on HDD? How much of a speed up do we get?

For reference the one I am considering is the first one. The one with SSD is the second one. Sorry for the slight blur in the image.


Not sure re deep learning but I would definitely get an SSD just for the fast boot times; fast loading of programs and fast switching between programs.

Consider getting the SSD separately. I bought a Dell with a standard hard drive and DVD player; replaced the hard drive with SSD, replaced the DVD with the hard drive; and put the DVD in an external case. All very straightforward, cheaper and gave me the configuration I wanted.

Also you can keep the size down if you also have a 2nd hard drive. I have 250GB SSD for windows, software and current data project. Rest is on the hard drive.

(Aseem Bansal) #3

So you just move the data for current project into the SSD and move it out when you working on something else?

(Greg McKenzie) #4

SSDs are generally big enough to keep all your “regular files” on your SSD.
Spinning hard drives are nice for storing movie libraries where it gets into the terabytes really fast, since they’re cheaper and bigger.


Getting a machine without SSD at least for the system seems backward to me – it turns your HD into a bottleneck. In terms of ML you’ll probably get very little speedup for your learning tasks, but everything will just run so much more smoothly. I agree with simoneva’s recommendation of getting a small one, and you can copy the currently needed data to it as required.

(Ben Cuttings) #6

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