Getting exception on nbdev_install_hooks

Hi there,

I decided to try using nbdev for a project where I do fastai’s homework. I installed the system and also initialized the project. However, somehow, I cannot install the hooks.

> nbdev_install_hooks

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "[...]/venv/bin/nbdev_install_hooks", line 8, in <module>
  File "[...]/fastcore/", line 119, in _f
    return tfunc(**merge(args, args_from_prog(func, xtra)))
  File "[...]/nbdev/", line 192, in nbdev_install_hooks
    upd = _add_jupyter_hooks(src, fn)
  File "[...]/nbdev/", line 166, in _add_jupyter_hooks
    target = only(node.targets)
  File "[...]/fastcore/", line 670, in only
    raise ValueError(f'iterable has more than 1 item')
ValueError: iterable has more than 1 item

Did you see that before? Also, I started building the project without using nbdev, and already configured some hooks using pre-commit. Could it be the problem? Should I disable them?

Thank you!