G1 Gradient Paperspace worth it?

Does anyone have any experience with G1 instances ($8/month) in Gradient Paperspace?
I am on the free tier (Legacy free tier since I signed up before October).

Mainly have two main questions:
Is the availability of the GPUs consistent? (Sometimes on the free tier I can’t access any GPUs at all)
Is there any time-limit on the auto-shutdown? (6-hour time limit on free tier means no training overnight!)

Would be great to hear anyone’s experience with it. Thanks in advance

I have this, and the GPU’s have always been available. You can set the auto-shutdown to whatever you want, including never. One annoying thing is that you can’t use the storage you use on the free instances on the paid ones. Overall, Gradient has kind of a janky feel, but the pricing is pretty cheap. I’m trying Floydhub to see if the extra cost there is worth it.

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