Future of Software Intelligence: coding and carreer considerations

The video on ‘The future of Software Intelligence’ again made me consider coding as an investment of my personal time. Jeremy mentioned a future where coding becomes almost obsolete and gave an example on the future of software development. Coding is a tool to compute, the development stimulates abstract thinking. Should I approach programming as the best current thing around to solve problems, express ideas, interact with data and instruct computers? A temporary thing?

About three years ago a TED video by Jeremy about Deep Learning impressed me a lot! It motivated me to learn how to code and pursuit a master in epidemiology. Besides this I’m trained as as a MD. Three years have passed since the video and I struggled to focus! The epidemiology master was heavy on Causal Thinking (Jude Pearl) and Biostats. PhD programs seemed interesting but usually have a (very) long time-horizon. Besides the epidemiology master, work and a bit of Kaggle practice I didn’t make much progress in machine learning application.

Last months I spend time on web development. WebDev seems an interesting application with the possibility to make data ‘science’ interactive for health care providers. Frustration on ‘back-end stuff’ brought me back on my feet and consider what I really want to do!

Now I feel motivated to focus:). Thanks for offering this course!

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Can machine learning/pattern finding be used to make new discoveries in Biology?
I"m currently enjoying deep learning but I also have a huge interest in mechanisms of disease,aging, biotechnology. I dont know if more biolgists are needed, or more data scientists are needed, or maybe just funding is needed to see faster progress in biology.

Ideally I would like to learn both to a high level, but I"m in my mid 30s now, and although I have free time now, not sure if I could get to a high level in both.