Future Courses by Me, Announcements, and Game Plan, Including Two New Courses!

Just so people have a clear understanding of what I have planned (as I have no affiliation with Jeremy’s wonderful courses :slight_smile: ), yesterday I conducted a Twitter poll to see what the community would be wanting in terms of next in regards to WWF2 and v2 walkthroughs. The results were pretty darn close, but continuing WWF2 text won, so, let’s discuss how this will work and what I have in the planning phases:

  1. We’re still going to finish up the fastinference sub-course, that’s not going away :slight_smile:

  2. I won’t have an ETA when it’s done, I want it to be as good as vision and tabular and I’m almost there in the knowledge level, I just need a little bit more work, so soon ish but I’m not putting a date here.

  3. There was want for an interpretability course, and for those of you who joined/have taken the tabular module, you know I try to involve interpretability when and how I can. So to that regard, despite it coming in second, I won’t be making the interpretability course with fastai until after the next course…which is:

  4. The course after WWF2 will be a debugging guide to fastai2. I’ll be attempting to make a series of videos in-which we walk through from the most basic of problems in the high-level API to the most complex and mysterious problems hidden away (such as those referencing fastcore instead of fastai2). IMO this provides more value at this moment compared to the interpretability module, so we’ll be doing this second.

  5. Until the newest version of Part 1 is released, the course megathreads will be pinned to the forum, for easier access to them

So that is overall my plans for the next few months, I will of course update the v2 text thread with important dates and make megathreads for the other two when it is a bit closer.

I’m very glad that so many of you are really enjoying these series, and I want to get back to them, and I think this would be the right approach. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Edit: Also I am open to ideas from the community towards what you would specifically want out of those three :slight_smile:


Eagerly looking forward :smiley:

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Thank you for your devotion to fastai @muellerzr, your work is truly amazing


Awesome! I’m especially looking forward to more WWF2 text content :slight_smile: Any plans to include the (unofficial) integrations of fastai and huggingface transformers?

Keep us updated, very excited

It’s certainly something I want to touch on (which one I go with is the right question, but I have a good idea). We’ll also utilize some of Novetta’s AdaptNLP library for some text augmentation :wink:

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I think there is some work here https://github.com/ohmeow/blurr even done with nbdev.


Exactly what I’m planning to use :wink:

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