French study group (virtual)

Hello there !

I am thinking of opening a French study group for the upcoming Fastai2.
Anyone interested ? :slight_smile:

I am interested

Hi ! So am I !

Yes Iā€™m really interested too :smiley:

Iā€™m very interested by a French study group, Is this still happening?

Hi, I have set up a fastai-fr Meetup since July 2020. Primary language: French

We went through lessons 1 to 7, the next lesson is lesson 8 on NLP coming up in April, around April 15th, 2021. The online Zoom sessions are also registered and available on my YouTube channel

A Slack environment to support the study group has also been set up

Here is an invitation link for the Slack environment

Once the lessons are covered, we will work on some Kaggle competitions and EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis to sharpen our skills!

Final note here is my Github repository:



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