Forming study group Jun - Sep 2020

Hi everyone! I’m Daphne, looking for buddies to learn and do NLP/ Deep Learning projects together. Looked through all the previous posts but all study group are inactive so I’d love to form ones in the next 3-6 months.

For your convenience, I host several NLP meetups every week here (groups for buddies to learn the course, group for buddies to work on projects, etc), at different proficiency levels. Whatsapp me at to discuss learning goals, commitment, availability to get assigned in the fit group.

@daphnetd #nlp_embeddings and #kaggle. These channels may be a good fit for you.

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Hi @msivanes Manikandan! Thanks a lot for the kind suggestion. I checked the link out and convince that twimlai did a wonderful job at hosting and facilitating the session at the scale of 20+. The hosts are knowledgable, no doubt.

What I am looking to form here is plenty of micro-scale study groups that capped at 4-5 members. Best if we can connect with folks who share similar goals, proficiency, and commitment level. I believe the interaction between members would be loose if the group is larger than 5, especially in the virtual environment. If there is little or no touchpoint, it wouldn’t be much different from watching Youtube videos. The type of study group I just mentioned is what I haven’t found out yet and try to initiate one here. But I might miss out so definitely keen to learn from you if there’re such activities happen around.

I am surprised that I received 60+ interests from the community and successfully connect 20+ groups. We welcome you to be a part of us :innocent:

Love to join such group. @daphnetd

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@itsshavar Hi Shashi! Great to hear so, is there a way for me to connect with you? say email or whatsapp. Otherwise, you can request to join the community at I will be in touch with you shortly