For students who have completed this course, how much did you spend on AWS?

A few questions actually …

  1. For students that have completed the program using AWS, how much did it end up costing you?

  2. Are there more affordable options to completing the assignments? For example, using your own computer perhaps. If so, what would be the minimum GPU requirements?

  3. Is there perhaps a more cost affordable development strategy we can follow? Perhaps, coding and using a smaller dataset on our development machines to build out solutions … and then deploying to AWS with the full dataset? I’m thinking of a realish-world development-QA-production system.

Thanks much


These q’s have been answered a few times before - so take a look at some of the previous threads.

In short, yes, you can use your own laptop; the course shows you how to just use a sample of the data when using a smaller machine. You don’t need a GPU for this.

If you want to use a GPU locally, anything with CUDA support and >=2GB is passable, although 4GB is much better.

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I couldn’t find anything re: how much students had spent on AWS services. If you can recommend a thread or 2 it would be appreciated.

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The expected study time is 70 hours. If you do all that on a p2, then $63 is the expected cost



@jeremy does reduced volume makes any change in this statement?