For any folks in the Boulder, CO area

I’m typing this during the kickoff meeting of about 25 (!) folks that are interested in doing part 1 of the course.

If there are other folks in the Flatirons area that want to (re)do the course, they would be welcome to join!


Very awesome! I’m in Denver and would love to join, but I think it would be too difficult for me to get over there in time. I might bug you guys for help from time to time though

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Hey Lauren,

I’m also in Denver and just started working through the course. I actually started with the Google-developed Udacity Deep Learning course, but am trying to work through some of the content as well. I set up a small study group for a few other people in the Denver area that are also going through these courses and we’ve been meeting at St. Mark’s Coffee house on 17th Ave. Would you be interested in joining? We’re meeting this Sunday (7/16) at 2pm MST. If interested, I can add you to our group email. Shoot me a message if so,