For a Beginner(with little Coding experience), which is the suitable course to start?

I have started with Practical deep learning for coders. But after seeing Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders, i am a bit confused.

My coding experience is that I have learnt little bit of python from the Book - Automate the Boring stuff with Python.

It would be great if some one could suggest among the available courses which would be the best one to get started.

See my post here :slight_smile: you can go two routes: Intro to ML or Practical Deep Learning for Coders. Intro if you want to learn about the older techniques like Random Forests and some theory for ML or Practical DL if you want to learn about the now and more application based (and using our version of the library)


Or take both the routes in parallel. There are no rules-find your right frequency to make it a resonance :slight_smile:


@muellerzr Read your post. Very useful for beginners like me. Thanks a lot!!

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Sounds good.