FlashTorch - feature visualisation toolkit in PyTorch

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Hi all,

I’ve been fascinated by feature visualisation techniques.

There was no tool available to easily apply these techniques to networks I’ve built in PyTorch, so I created one - FlashTorch :flashlight:

I wrote a blog post to introduce:

  • Feature visualisation as an area of research
  • How to use FlashTorch to create saliency maps from AlexNet

Here is the GitHub repo for source code and example notebooks. I’ve also created a Jupyter notebook hosted on Google Colab, so you can try it out without installing anything!

My hope is that FlashTorch will help make your CNN projects more interpretable and explainable.

It is very much work in progress, and I would love to have your constructive feedback, comments and suggestions.

Thanks so much in advance.


(Kushajveer Singh) #2

Nice work.

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