[fixed] Fastpages - cannot see build process of GitHub Actions

Following recommendations from fastai book, I have just decided to start a blog.
And of course I am using fastpages.

Markdown entries are correctly rendered. But notebooks are not.
I am following troubleshooting guide from fastpages https://github.com/fastai/fastpages/blob/master/_fastpages_docs/TROUBLESHOOTING.md.

What is strange is that I cannot automatically upgrade fastpages. I cannot see the [fastpages] Automated Upgrade Issue template. (I copied the fastpages repo 3 days ago so I would expect to have this template)

And another strange matter is that I don’t see any build process results in GitHub Actions tab.
In that tab I have only general Actions detail:

Get started with GitHub Actions
Build, test, and deploy your code. Make code reviews, branch management, and issue triaging work the way you want. Select a workflow template to get started.

Skip this and set up a workflow yourself 

Here is my blog: https://castorfou.github.io/

Anyone with similar problems. I am sure I am missing an easy step.

i dont think you named your repo correctly?

did you follow the instructions in the readme carefully? can you provide more details beyond “its not working”

Hello Hamel,

Thank you for your reply.
One my first blog post was about you https://castorfou.github.io/2020/09/09/blogging-from-github.html, it is just incredible that you are answering this post :wink:

My repo is named

as castorfou is my username in github.

And when I say it is not working, what I mean is when I add md files under _posts, then blog entries are created. But when adding ipynb files under _notebooks, then blog entries are not created.

I will double check the readme file.
It was strange to me to not have detail of Actions execution under Actions tab of github:

I am sure I have missed a step.

I made a mistake on the very 1st step:
I misread the 1st instruction :shushing_face:
Generate a copy of this repo by clicking on this link. Name your repo anything you like except {your-username}.github.io.

I have specifically created {your-username}.github.io.
I am moving to another name and will report my progress.

Creating a repo not using my github username is fixing my issue.

I have other issue but I have to figure it out before posting for directions.

OK as the sole reader this is maybe a minor concern but there is no commenting system associated with fastpages. I cannot get any feedback from these entries. Would love to get advices, create discussions within that blog. Not for today.

Read the README again! There is a commenting system.

I recommend getting your favorite beverage, carving out 30 minutes and going trought the README very carefully! There are tons of features and options.

By commiting this page, there are internal actions being run automatically (through github actions magic) and after a couple of minutes the new blog pages are generated (using Jekyl and ruby if I am not wrong). For the moment I use github web interface. But I guess it is easier to have a local repo of my blog, create new entries and when satisfied git push to github. (to be tested later)

You can also preview your blogs locally. Instructions for this are also available in the README.

Yes I have seen the commenting system! I will implement it.

My blog is now at https://castorfou.github.io/guillaume_blog/

My concern right now is about notebooks pages. When I have internal images in my cells (I usually copy paste image in markdown cells, automatically it creates ![image.png](attachment:image.png) entries), blog pages are not generated. I don’t see errors in Actions tab. But I have to troubleshoot further.


@hamelsmu did we set up something to make cell attachments work? If not, perhaps we could use nbdev_detach or something?..

I have opened an issue to remind myself to look into this https://github.com/fastai/fastpages/issues/415

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