Feedback wanted on video for lesson 8

Hi all!

We have 2 possible versions of lesson 8 that we could include in our official launch of part 2 tomorrow:

  1. Low-res footage of me + high-res screen cap
  2. Screen cap only

If you’ve got a moment, could you take a look at the first 5 minutes or so of each, and tell me which you think is better? Obviously, I’d rather have high-res footage from both cameras, but this is all we’ve got to work with unfortunately…

Screen cap only looks good to me .

Screen cap only is good.

In online videos I need speaker’s voice and the slides. The constant switching in the first one is a bit annoying. So the Screen cap only is better for me.

Screen cap only :thumbsup:

  1. Screen cap only :thumbsup:

Prefer the screen cap one.

However why have you switched the embedded video from bottom right to top right as it obscures the text on the slides. I don’t recall this being an issue when it was bottom right but maybe I just didn’t notice. Wherever it is would be ideal if you could adjust slide template to leave a space for the video if not too late to change.

Screen cap only + 1. Thanks for your wonderful lessons

Both are great but I really like the first option. More engaging presentation and it feels more natural as it simulates the UCSF classroom environment. The switches are perfectly timed as well.

Thanks everyone!