Feature request: add SSL to the forums

(marc) #1

Login and registration is currently not on a secure connection for forums.fast.ai .

Unsecured connection on login page
(Shawn) #2

Agreed. Need HTTPS at least for sign-up and log-in, to protect password.

(Callum) #3

Agreed. This is the only website that asks for a password and still doesn’t have https, Firefox (rightly) gives a warning about it too.

(Maria) #4

Just in case @jeremy did not know, you can get free ssl certificates that should be easy to setup here: https://letsencrypt.org/

(Dmitri) #5

HTTPS is easy! Seriously, it takes 5 minutes with cloudflare, and there aren’t good reasons for not doing it.

Troy Hunt has a website where he shows you exactly how easy it is https://httpsiseasy.com/


I totally agree. In this day and age when we study AI, our passwords should be encrypted at the least. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agreed. We the people need encryption :wink:

(Philip Schlesinger) #8

I agree as well. Registering over HTTP is unwise.