FBFS - Lesson 3 (Ch04) Session

Event Details:

Discussion Agenda:

  • Address any challenges you’re facing in the chapters.
  • Explore alternative approaches for completing the content.
  • Showcase your work related to the chapter to your fellow fast bunnies.

How to Prepare:

  1. Review Chapter 3
  2. Note down any challenges or questions.
  3. Consider alternative approaches to share.
  4. Prepare to showcase your work with fellow fast bunnies.

Previous Homework:

  • Look about safe tensors in hugging face
  • Confusion Matrix - Try to include large number of categories into the confusion matrix


  • Homework: Complete the homework decided in the previous session and attach it here
  • Projects: Submit your projects to this session thread. Let’s celebrate each other’s accomplishments!
  • Questions: Add your questions to this thread.

Fast Bunnies Unite! :rocket::rabbit:


@Agastya What data do you use for the Pokemon classifier?

Hi, Sorry for replying after a while. I found the Dataset from Kaggle…