FBFS - Lesson 05 (Study Group 2024)

Event Details:

Discussion Agenda:

  • Address any challenges you’re facing in the chapters.
  • Explore alternative approaches for completing the content.
  • Showcase your work related to the chapter to your fellow fast bunnies.

How to Prepare:

  1. Review Chapter 4 and 9 of the book
  2. Note down any challenges or questions.
  3. Consider alternative approaches to share.
  4. Prepare to showcase your work with fellow fast bunnies.


  • Fine tune a Language model
  • Fine tune a Language classification model
    It’s important to implement the stuff that we’re learning so kindly complete this as we’ll be going through everyone’s result and outcomes of fine tuning. It would be fun to see what everyone is coming up with!


  • Homework: Complete the homework decided in the previous session and attach it here
  • Projects: Submit your projects to this session thread. Let’s celebrate each other’s accomplishments!
  • Questions: Add your questions to this thread.

Fast Bunnies Unite! :rocket::rabbit: