[fastpages] Warning: Empty `slug` generated for ''?

Has anyone figured out what is the reason for (many) messages from the build system:

Warning: Empty slug generated for ‘’.

It’s only a Warning, not an error, but it seems to really slow down the build, so I’d like to resolve it. I don’t know what a slug is or why it would be empty.

Looking around on the Jekyll user boards, this warning seems to be produced by any number of plugins and people are generally advised to resolve this by removing each plugin one at a time until the message goes away.

Before I do that, I’m just wondering if anyone has already figured this out for fastpages. (I only added jekyll-scholar beyond the standard plugin lineup.)

If nobody has,…then I’ll update this thread if/when I figure it out.

slugs are just parts of urls so:
dl and fastai would be categories, and they are category slugs
the year month and date parts are slugs
my-post-title is the title slug.

if you’re seeing loads of warnings then it probably is some broken plug-in somewhere, if it was just one or two and you were seeing them seemingly out of nowhere then it could possibly be one dodgy post with a malformed or missing date or something. i’ve never had such a warning so i’m just guessing.

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