[fastpages] support "Run on Gradient" badge?

Paperspace Gradient has recently added GitHub badge functionality: badge

It’s even possible to specify the fastai runtime in the URL by adding

Is adding this to the list of existing badges something people would want?

I got started by adding an _includes/notebook_gradient_link.html file by modifying the colab include file…

    <div class="px-2">
            <a href="https://console.paperspace.com/github/{{site.github_username}}/{{site.github_repo | default: site.baseurl | remove: "/" }}/blob/{{page.branch | default: "master"}}/{{page.nb_path}}" target="_blank">
                <img class="notebook-badge-image" src="{{ "assets/badges/gradient.svg" | relative_url }}" alt="Run on Gradient"/>

and I added the badge image to _assets/badges, and added a line in _config.yml under the colab line: gradient: true

…but I’m not able to test it because I can’t find the part of the fastpages/jekyll code to make it actually use any of these new files. (i.e. running grep -r * on “colab” and “badge” didn’t help.) So for now, on my (local) system, all these changes are just ignored.

If this is a desirable feature, I suspect @hamelsmu could add it in moments. I’d be willing to test it…