Fastpages site not rendering properly

Hi there! I know we are supposed to switch to Quadro by now to support the deprecation of fastpages.

However, those, who are still using fastpages – I thought I could use some help.

My personal site still uses fastpages. Since yesterday I am seeing that it’s not rendering properly.

On the repository (that serves the site) I don’t see anything erroneous

The developer console of Chrome did complain about a file not being found but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

I thought it could be some plugin related issues but still renders as expected. So, maybe that it not the case.

So, the error was because of

Once I changed the layout from default to base in the HTML pages of _layouts, it got resolved.


Hi @Sayak can you please advise where should I make the change? Should I change layout : html to layout : base in all the pages in here

My blog stopped rendering correctly :

Thank you.
cc: @_JHM

Yes that is correct.