[fastpages] New Features in fastpages: Pagination, Hidden Posts, Customize Styling & Syntax Highlighting

There are three new big features in fastpages, one of them involves a breaking change that doesn’t allow for an automatic upgrade via opening an issue. The best way to get these features is to copy your posts over to a freshly created template. The below are all screenshots from the README

1. Pagination

2. Hidden Posts

3. Customize Syntax Highlighting

I’ve heard from lots of people that they don’t like the syntax highlighting, fonts or other things. Here are some new features & docs for you

and for customizing other aspects of fastpages:

More Resources:

All of this is documented in the README! Take a look!

cc: @jeremy


BTW: I still find fetching from remote and fixing conflicts manually relatively easy. This way people can keep their custom stuff, e.g. index.html. Just a little tip for anyone that prefer a different approach for updating.

base) spacemachine-v20:myblog turgutlu$ git remote -v
origin  git@github.com:KeremTurgutlu/myblog.git (fetch)
origin  git@github.com:KeremTurgutlu/myblog.git (push)
upstream        https://github.com/fastai/fastpages.git (fetch)
upstream        https://github.com/fastai/fastpages.git (push)
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I pulled the latest changes yesterday. Unfortunately, I am actually facing an old error that we fixed, local images that are used in notebooks are not found in posts.

Here is the repo for reference: https://github.com/KeremTurgutlu/myblog

Why do you have a markdown post as well as a notebook? 2020-04-02-Deepfake-Detection-Challenge.md

This is probably where your issue lies. You are likely having some kind of collision. Delete the markdown file

Yes, that fixed it thanks a lot! So since I am using local docker it autogenerates md files from the notebook I guess. That’s why I had them?

Yeah don’t commit everything, just what you changed

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