[fastpages] Moving image preview on home page

I’ve been using fastpages for a few months and generally love it. It’s easy to get started, integrates nicely with Github Actions, and makes it straightforward to convert Jupyter notebooks into posts.

However I’ve had some trouble trying to customize things, for example, the font/background colors. Still not sure how to modify these without breaking everything. Another customization I’d love to implement is to move the preview image above or beneath the blog post/description. Currently, they’re to the left of the post, e.g.,

Is there an easy way to do this? It would be particularly useful for mobile devices, where the horizontal screen real estimate is small, and the images become very difficult to see.


Edit _includes/post_list_image_card.html

Generally look around includes and templates in your repo but also find the minima repo and look at the includes which aren’t in your repo, anything which looks useful your can copy across to your site and edit.

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