[fastpages] How to change font size?

Hi, I have been able to successfully setup the blog. Thanks a lot for this amazing resource. One question, the font size of the body of the blog is just a tad bigger than I would like. How do I lower the font size?
e.g. if you look at the official minima blog here, it’s slightly smaller than the font on fastpages’ blog here. Also the minima appears more ‘condensed’ (perhaps lower line spacing too??). I would like to make same as the minima style.

Is there a parameter I can change to achieve it? Thanks !!!

It’s in the docs

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As Hamel said, you can override the css. I just commented out following line:

.post-content p, .post-content li {
   //font-size: 20px;
   color: #515151;

See the results here.

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Thank you