[fastpages] #hide comment doesn't hide cell

Hi there!

I started a blog with fastpages. All has worked perfectly except the #hide comment. It just doesn’t hide the jupyter cell when the notebook is rendered. I wrote the notebook in Colab and commited from there on my repo. I haven’t received any errors and haven’t found similar issues on the internet. I am a bit lost on what to do to resolve this. I’ll be grateful for any help!

My repo, the notebook and the blog.

There are some issues with creating fastpages blogs from Colab. Creating from Colab is not suppported - I would try to open the notebook in Jupyter and re-save as Colab saves the notebook a bit differently that causes conflicts for nbdev. If that doesn’t work, then I would try re-creating the notebook in Jupyter by copy pasting bits over.

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Re-creating the notebook in Jupyter fixed the issue. Thanks!